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Before accessing this website (, please read these terms and conditions carefully. Use of this website is subject to the following terms and conditions. You may only access and use this website if you agree to the terms outlined below. Do not use the website if you do not agree to all of the terms of use. If you use this website in any way, you are agreeing to be bound by the terms of use on behalf of the entity that you are authorized to represent.

Ownership and Intellectual Property has all rights reserved and is an established intellectual property under Copyrights © 2022 BLUeSINGA. BLUeSINGA, its affiliates, or third parties own all intellectual property rights related with the Webpage and its content. Intellectual property and other regulations in India and other nations protect the content. Copyright protects the website’s content, thus it cannot be duplicated or imitated in any way. It is forbidden to utilize or intervene with any of the marks or that display on the Webpage without the explicit written permission of BLUESINGA, its affiliates, or any other entity that has given BLUeSINGA the authority and license to do so.

To the extent permitted by these Terms of Use, you are prohibited from using the Intellectual Property of the Webpage in any manner other than as specifically permitted by BLUeSINGA’s legal authorization or that of an authorized third party. BLUeSINGA does not give you any explicit or inherent privileges to the intellectual property of BLUeSINGA or any other third party, except as specifically authorized above.

By using this Webpage, content, or services offered by BLUeSINGA, you agree that you may only do so in accordance with BLUeSINGA’s instructions, and that no other use of the BLUeSINGA computer or network services offered on this Web site is permitted without the affirm permission of BLUeSINGA. BLUeSINGA does not transfer any ownership stake in or to the BLUeSINGA Network, information or data accessible through the BLUeSINGA Website, Content, Services, or any other BLUeSINGA property by allowing you to use the Web Site, beyond this limited license. BLUESINGA explicitly prohibits any use of the data other than as required by law or as specifically allowed above. Only BLUeSINGA may provide permission for you to use the content in whatever manner you like. You can’t use the data in any other way unless you have permission from BLUeSINGA.


Visitors are exclusively allowed to acquire information available on the website.
Visitors can print a single copy of any of the pages available on the website for self-reference only.
Visitors are allowed to contact BLUeSINGA through the email


Visitors are prohibited from posting inaccurate or inaccurate data on the website through any means.
Visitors shall not acquire or utilize the Website services, content, applications, or software in any way that BLUeSINGA has not authorized.

Without BLUeSINGA’s prior written approval, one may not use framing methods to surround any part or component of the website data.

Do not submit any information to the webpage which might be infected with harmful computer coding practices such as worms or Trojan horses, or which might otherwise be used to harm, disrupt, decrypt, or confiscate any system, the website’s information, or which might otherwise violate the intellectual property rights.

The source of any data sent via the website cannot be hidden.

To the extent that visitor’s actions disrupt other people’s ability to use the BLUeSINGA’s services, or the website, BLUeSINGA will take legal action for any damages or harm caused to the BLUeSINGA’s services, or website.

Changes in Terms & Conditions

BLUeSINGA has the right to revise these terms and conditions, including the Disclaimer, at any time and without prior notice. It is the responsibility of the visitors of the website to examine the updated terms and conditions and disclaimer whenever one returns to this site since they are being agreed to, by using this site.

For any cause, BLUeSINGA may make changes to the format or content of this website, or it may be taken down for maintenance or repair work, updating the material, or other purposes. At any moment and without prior warning, BLUeSINGA retains the right to disable your access to this website.

Governing Laws

In case of any disputes faced between the visitors of this website and BLUeSINGA, the laws internal to the Indian jurisdiction shall apply. The courts of Kolhapur, Maharashtra, India shall exercise such jurisdiction. Visitor rights, interests, and duties under these terms may not be transferred or assigned to anyone else. No matter how a court rules on a particular provision of these Terms and Conditions, it will not invalidate the other terms, which will continue in full force and effect regardless of the court’s decision. This disclaimer applies to each and every term and condition, whether or not it is explicitly stated as so in these Terms and Conditions. For one’s own interests, one may print off a copy of these Terms of Use, but renounce any other necessity for these Terms to exist in writing.

Do not access the website if you do not agree to the above-proclaimed Terms & Conditions.