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BLUeSINGA is quite happy to get associated right from the stage of Ideation to Innovation and Innovation to Commercialization by offering consulting & execution services support for:


The purpose of this to provide a blue-print and action plan with detailed approach based on thorough analysis on how best you can reach to the target customers and achieve competitive advantage; while considering factors such as costing, pricing and distribution channels.



We at BLUeSINGA understand what your brand stands for. We intend to inculcate your objectives in your brand image in order to bridge the gap between ‘selling a product’ to ‘selling a solution’ and ‘selling an experience’. Our expertise will help you to not only retain your client base but also to reach a greater audience. With impeccable tactics and our individually and carefully curated strategies enhance your visibility in equitable markets. With our professionally planned Brand Positioning and Brand Re-positioning strategies build your brand exquisitely!


In the post Covid times, traditional marketing approach got huge limitations as personal meetings are either not happening or reduced to very low frequency. Hence, adopting to new marketing strategies play a crucial role. It is necessary for an organisation to remain relevant. Our proficient team makes the most out traditional as well as digital marketing approaches in pursuance of wider and relevant reach. And for both the approaches whether traditional marketing or digital marketing, a powerful marketing material/ content has huge impact to elevate the interest of the potential Buyer to next level. We personalise onliest content pertaining to your audience to fuel your business.


Especially for B2B Marketing in Modern Trade, Company profile presentation is the most powerful way as a professional introduction aimed at capturing the attention of the reader and inform him about the company concisely. It is designed to make a powerful impact and a good first impression on potential customers, stakeholders, suppliers, financial institutions, government regulators and potential investors. A company profile that is written with care acts as an opportunity for the organization to differentiate itself from the crowd. It is described as a resume that helps to establish the credibility of the business in the market.


There are thousands of products/ services and thousands of catalogues/ brochures in each sector or business segment. What will make of your own so unique? Creative, fresh and error-free presentation is the answer. Professionally designed catalogues will make people notice it, keep it around and pull it when needed. And that’s our key expertise. We believe in minute detailing to make this as a perfect document. To achieve this, we can also serve you for design strategies, content creation, page layout to supervision of photography and printing.


Basic support in legal & contractual documentation such as: Sales Contracts, Deal Structuring, Heads of Agreement, Memorandum of Understanding, Consortium Agreement, Joint Venture Agreement, Terms Of Use, Privacy Policies etc.
Drafting of detailed legal & contractual documents is discussed on case-to-case basis and shall be charged extra depending on the complexities.