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There are several innovations available that can or might help to deal with some of the problems towards sustainable living on earth, but many of them comes with complexities and a large price tag. And hence, we feel that there is a need to put efforts to bring excellence of simplified innovations to a mass scale.

With this background & thought process, our vision has shaped up – we want to facilitate better living on Earth in utmost sustainable way, by being a globally admired & sizeable contributor. 

To achieve this vision, we are now on mission – to continually develop & deliver innovative solutions, high-quality products and clean technologies for better air, water, earth, space & energy.


There was a time when you could see the clear blue sky in a day and sparkling stars in the night. This is no more a case especially in urban areas due to the immense air pollution.

According to World Health Organization (WHO) over 90% of World’s population live in places where air pollution levels exceed WHO guidelines.

The particulate matters (PM) from soot, smoke, dust, vehicle exhausts, industrial pollution etc., are directly responsible for Air Pollution, Global Warming and Climate Change.

These Particulate Matters are tiny solid particles and harmful pollutants suspended in the air produced due to fuel combustion of vehicles, industrial pollution, smoke, dust due to increased climate change phenomenon, construction dust and any other such activities.

An average size of particulate matter is between 1 to 1000 microns. The average PM 2.5 (2.5 micro-meter diameter) is roughly 1/10th the diameter of single human hair.

The particulate matter from ambient air enters our body during breathing. Because of their extremely small size they easily enter the lungs. The particulate matter settles in various parts of our body depending on their size.

Such air pollution results in millions of people suffering from chronic respiratory diseases like lung cancer, heart diseases, strokes etc., every day in addition to immeasurable effect on birds & animals.

Indeed, a quality & immediate attention is required to have high-quality products and affordable innovative solutions delivered at large scale globally that can help to improve the air quality for us now and all next generations.

BLUeSINGA with its expertise to purify large volume of ambient air has pledged to fight the air pollution disaster and to improve air quality especially in densely populated urban areas, industries & cities around the world.


That’s not all, we have developed other eco-friendly products as well. Staying true to our mission of restoring our blue and green planet to its former glory we created Happy Botany to support and encourage sustainable agricultural farming. Happy Botany is an organic fertiliser balanced with 100% organic essential elements that improve the fertility of the soil, act as a natural medicine and natural pesticide and nourish your plants with an all-in-one dose of magic from mother nature.

Captain Singa is our state-of-the-art UV light sanitizer that kills germs and fights against viruses on any surface. With all the viruses spreading around and global pandemics that are here to stay, Captain Singa will work as your superhero that keeps you safe from germs, viruses, bacteria and all kinds of microorganisms that are out to get you.

Join with us to save our planet one sustainable innovation at a time.


We want to facilitate better living on Earth in utmost sustainable way, by being a globally admired & sizeable contributor.


Our mission is to continually develop & deliver innovative solutions & high-quality products by creating WIN + WIN partnerships globally and empower micro to large scale organizations to achieve excellence & sustainable growth by providing required expertise.

Our Core Values

We Believe

That Everyone & Everything on Earth Are Related to Us, Does Matters to Us and also to Our Next Generations.

We Understand

True Respect, Love & Trust cannot be compelled, solicited or purchased; but can be earned only by making ourselves Respectable, Lovable, & Trustworthy.

We Acknowledge

That Because We Walk the Talk, Every Individual & Organization Wholeheartedly Count on Us and Want to Be with Us.

We Practice

Transparency, Timely Communications & Professionalism, always.