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Innovative Solutions

BLUeSINGA has a special interest to offer its expertise of Commercialization of Patented Technologies & Researches by creating WIN + WIN partnerships.
We invite inventors, innovators, technology developers, scientists, R&D Professionals and all such contributors from all over the world, who believe in sustainable way, to explore potentially possible mutually beneficial relationship with us to continually develop & deliver innovative solutions, high-quality products and clean technologies for better air, water, earth, space & energy.
World is evolving every moment. Global challenges such as pandemic, are added up new set of unprecedented conditions, that are testing way of life in a never imagined way at individual as well as organizational level.
The reasons for what’s happening with climate and related natural disasters, is no more a secret to us. Every step, every action, every carbon footprint has an impact on our environment. It is hence becoming very important to look at the business practices and Companies commitment towards sustainability by bringing innovations to masses.

Let’s save the planet one innovation at a time.



The core of BLUeSINGA innovations is restoring the decreasing quality of life bringing it back to its former glory. Captain Singa is our state-of-the-art UV light sanitizer that kills germs and fights against viruses on any surface.

With all the viruses spreading around and global pandemics that are here to stay, Captain Singa will work as your superhero that keeps you safe from germs, viruses, bacteria and all kinds of microorganisms that are out to get you.


Historically, the germicidal benefits of Ultra Violet (UV) light was proven by Downes & Blunt when they conducted the scientific study proving the effectiveness of sterilization by UV light.
In 1903, the Nobel Prize Award in Physiology or Medicine was won by Niels Finsen for his contribution to the treatment of diseases with concentrated UV light.

William Wells, during the 1930’s, demonstrated the ability of UV germicidal irradiation in preventing the spread of airborne diseases. UV light is electromagnetic radiation with wavelengths shorter than visible light but longer than X-rays.

UV is categorised into several wavelength ranges, with short-wavelength UV (UV-C) considered “Germicidal UV”. UV-C (100-280nm) The shortest wavelength and with high energy UVC is mostly absorbed by the ozone, so exposure to UVC light is rare. Exposure to UVC can be harmful to humans.
Ultra Violet (UV-C) radiation has been shown to destroy the outer protein coating of the Corona virus. This destruction ultimately leads to inactivation of the virus.

UV radiation has effectively been used for decades to reduce the spread of bacteria. UV lamps have proved highly effective at eliminating tuberculosis. UV radiation is a known disinfectant for air, water, and non-porous surfaces.


The main reason why UVC radiation can effectively kill germs is because of its ability to penetrate the DNA chain of viruses, bacteria, or any other micro-organisms. DNA is a most vital part as it plays a role in the reproduction and functioning of organisms so if the DNA is destroyed the virus no longer remains active. Therefore, UVC is preferred in disinfecting surfaces and for sanitizing purposes.

BLUeSINGA Team of Engineers has innovated state-of-the-art Captain Singa UV Sanitizers with due care, to avoid any direct exposure to UV radiation to human beings and to fight against virus outbreak.


Effective in killing all kinds of micro-organisms that includes viruses, bacteria, germs.
Fast method to kill over 99.6% of micro-organisms.
Environment friendly and non-toxic sanitization process as it does not include in chemicals.


Maintenance Free for daily heavy-duty use.
Compact design & Easy to operate as Plug & Play.
No direct exposure of UV radiation.
Sensors for human safety gives Audio & Visual Safety Alarm.

NOTE : Direct UV-C exposure to human skin or eyes may cause injuries, and therefore, UV-C radiation is commonly used inside enclosed space or in absence of any human being. This is the safest way to employ UV-C radiation.


· Organic Fertilizer +
· Growth & Immunity Booster +
· Soil Revitalizer & Conditioner +
· Natural Pesticide +
· Medicine to cure plant diseases

Botany is the science of plants and Happy Botany is a range of All-in-One 100% Organic & 100% Natural products with a special blessing from mother nature to make your plants healthy and happy.
We all feel fresh and relaxed when we are in a fresh and oxygen-rich environment. It soothes our minds and calms us down in this stressful environment. However, it’s not possible for us to be constantly in nature-rich places especially when you are an urban citizen. So many of us create our small green world of plants and cultivate gardening skills to be near to nature.

Plus, gardening whether it’s indoor or outdoor is one of the best solutions to keep the surrounding environment lively at our homes and as well as at offices. Researchers found that greenery with healthy plants around your living & working space boosts productivity, reduces stress level and ultimately gives amazing results.
Happy Botany products are perfectly balanced with nutritious & 100% organic essential elements that improves fertility of the soil, act as natural medicine, natural pesticide, and nourishes your plants indoor or outdoor with all-in-one dose of magic from mother nature.

After years of careful research & study, Happy Botany has developed scientifically proven vermicompost & vermiwash based products with 100% Organic & 100% Natural magical elements that not only helps to boost the plant’s health & growth but also provides best nourishment to soil.

Our happy customers include urban farmers, plant lovers, nurseries, gardeners, greenhouse farmers, floriculturists, horticulturists, and of course farmers all around.
Happy Botany Team of Researchers has developed a perfect formula for each of the products for various applications. Happy Botany Bio-health Bar, Samruddhi Prasad, VermiCompost ++, VermiWash ++, VermiWash Magic, Vermi Amrit etc., are best suited for potted small or medium size plants indoor & outdoor. And also, for plants in open garden soil.

So, if you are looking for an All-in-One 100% Organic and 100% Natural nutritious food, medicine & growth supplement for your plants to make them happy and healthy; then Get Now the magical products of Happy Botany !
Keep your plants happy, yourself happy and planet earth happy with Happy Botany!